About us

About us

Our company was created in 1857 by Mr. Toulet. Today, it is owned by Marc-Alain Deledalle (picture)

+++-Entreprises-centenaires-5019-150x114Guided by his ambitions and those of his predecessors, our team has innovated little by little in order to continuously improve our billiard tables and to extend the product range and offer our customers a wider choice.
Today, we offer several different types of billiard tables: classical, contemporary, antique, competition, and design-forward.

Finishings are up to you: add a board to convert your pool table to a dining table, add a ping-pong board, select from various table types (carom, pool, or multi-game), pick from many wood and cloth colors.

Give free rein to your imagination !

We are proud to manufacture our tables 100% in France. Most of our billiard tables are made of solid wood (Kotibe). The slate (from 19mm to 60mm depending on table size) is built on a metal frame, giving you a level playing surface backed by a lifetime warranty.
Our billiard tables are manufactured in our workshop located in the North of France, in Bondues. A team of 26 experienced technicians bring us their expertise: welding, cabinet-making, and more.